International Language Center

The International University Language Center (ILCA) is established by the Department of International Affairs of the Amirkabir University of Technology based on the university’s strategic goals and programs to develop international communication and interaction with universities, scientific and research centers around the world.

The Center’s English Language Unit, as one of the most active units, has the mission of empowering and enhancing students English proficiency through modern and up-to-date teaching methods.

Participating in English courses at ILCA, students would have the permission to attend academic classes held in English, and take general English courses 1 and 2.

In each semester English courses are provided in 3 levels (Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced) and 4 skills (Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing).


Benefits of Participating International Language Courses:

  • Obtaining permission to attend classes hold in English language
  • Receiving the Goldenand Silver Certificate (minimum score is required)
  • Permission to take part in PhD Comprehensive Examination
  • Certificate of language proficiency to study in Foreign universities
  • English language certificate to facilitate acceptance in foreign universities for all students
  • Promotion of the Certificate of Authorityto International Courses
  • No need to pass general English courses (1-2)
  • English Language Teacher Training Certificate (TTC)

Participation in training programs of AmirKabir University of Technology International Language Center

1- Starting English Course from Elementary Level with no Placement test and Attend appropriate level based on placement test

2- Students with a high Level of Language Proficiency can Take Language Teacher Training (TTC).

3- Sitting ESTA exam  for Students who do not need to pass the required courses.

ENglish STandard Test of AMirkabir University of Technolog