How to attend online classes & the rules

  1. Students must set up your space, make sure it’s quiet and uninterrupted.


Logistically, to make sure you can participate fully as an online student, you will want to set up a space that is, as much as possible, free of distractions as possible and that will be uninterrupted for the full duration of your class session.

  1. The Students must test their tech before attending the class.


Glitches in your technology mean you could miss some vital part of your professor’s lecture. Make sure the camera is stable and that your audio or microphone works. Use headphones to make sure you can hear everyone. Plug in your computer and make sure it’s charged ahead of time.

  1. No excuses for bad tech are acceptable.


As a student enrolled in an online class the professor will expect you to be able to set up your technology accordingly to log in on time and to participate fully. And just like you can’t blame your dog for eating your homework, you can’t really blame your performance in your online class on technical problems.

  1. Mute your microphone when you’re not talking.

There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing that alien echo noise from conflicting microphones.

  1. Students must notice the assignment which they receive on their portals.

The students must do the projects and assignments which are sent by their teachers or education department weekly. If the teachers notice any signs of plagiarisms in the assignments done by students the mark will not get any marks and if it continues the student will be dismissed.

  1. Students must submit files the on time.

There is a deadline for the uploaded assignments and for the ones submitted after that time will receive no mark.

  1. The students must attend the quizzes & exams.

If the students cannot attend the quizzes or exams, they will receive no mark.

  1. No cheating or plagiarism is acceptable.

If the students cheat during the quizzes or exams, they will receive no mark.

  1. It is possible that the class is cancelled by a teacher/ Language Department

If the classes are cancelled by teachers or Language Department, there will a make-up session for that.

  1. Students can successfully pass the course if:

They are succeeded in getting acceptable marks in assignments, quizzes, exams and also being active during the course.

  1. The students can be absent for maximum 2 sessions.

Every student can be absent for 2 sessions (totally 3 hours) during the course. If the number of sessions and hours are more than that the student will be dismissed.

  1. The students must dress appropriately.

The students (girls/boys) must have a suitable dressing while attending the class. If not they will be considered absent during that session.

  1. You can download the software you need from the given link below.

Link to educational portal

Username: Students’ passport number

Password: 123456789


If the students are in Iran, they can go to the Language Department of Amirkabir University of Technology to buy the books or the students can buy the books online from Taghche site: