These classes offer a friendly environment for our new students to get to know AUT and learn the national language of Iran so that they can have a more pleasant stay here. Obviously when living in a new country it is always better to know their language so that you can feel comfortable getting around and communicating with natives or even making new friends. The students basic and functional language needs for purposes such as shopping, taking a taxi, daily exchange and etc. have been taken into special consideration. That’s why we teach both spoken and written Persian and use educational films to teach listening and speaking.
Starting the academic courses at AUT requires students to have a basic knowledge of Persian. Our highly experienced and dedicated instructors have prepared the courses for students who expect to learn a target language within a short period of time. They have been able to help students reach the academic competence to participate in university classes in a matter of 4 months (480 hours).
Our teachers will always give their students a detailed academic report at the end of each course. If need be we can even offer the services of a personal tutor. We are proud to give confidence to non-native students to use the academic study skills needed to study at a foreign university.